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Education Programs

We have been doing education programs for schoolchildren at the shelter since 2015 and have also had several local welfare groups come for training over the years. 

These programs have focused on teaching basics in animal rights and animal care and why caring for animals means acknowledging the suffering of all species rather than just pets. Children must be taught that a water buffalo, tuna, monkey, pig, squid, cat, or dog all have the same desires for living a life free from pain and suffering. If we focus education programs only on companion animals, the message gets confusing as kids are taught to love some animals and participate in the industrialized torture and unnecessary killing of others.

If we teach children that all animals are morally significant and we acknowledge that humans have no right to use them for our pleasure, amusement, or convenience, we will finally make some headway in combating speciesism in society and we can finally begin to protect animal rights for all species equally. 

 We hope to get this program rolling again by fall as soon as we are able to move the property to a different location.  We are working to get more vegan festivals in our region as well as they have been popular and well attended in the past few years in Vietnam. 

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