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End Animal Suffering

The most vital way to end the suffering of dogs and cats is to ensure that they have the most basic medical care which includes vaccinations and sterilization. 

Unfortunately, veterinary universities in Vietnam are far behind in educating vets for caring for animals. Veterinarians in Vietnam often do not know how to properly sedate an animal, perform basic surgical procedures using aseptic techniques, diagnose common diseases, or even vaccinate an animal. They have little to no training in animal handling skills, nutrition, or behaviour either, so even if an animal has access to a vet, the chances are high that the vet will do more harm than good.

Reducing animal suffering begins with training the next generation of veterinarians to properly care for animals. 

We are in the process of gathering all our supplies and equipment to restart our mobile veterinary projects for when the borders reopen. We hope to be running them 40 weeks a year to rural areas for sterilization/vaccination and training projects beginning Fall 2022.

We need your help to establish our mobile vet clinic and prevent animals from suffering in Central Vietnam!

Your donation helps us prevent animal suffering in Central Vietnam!