Cats at Vietnam Animal Aid and Rescue Animals Need Help
in Vietnam
Preventing suffering is the most effective
use of limited resources to address the
most animals possible. They need
vaccination, sterilization, and

We help animals in nearby communities
get the veterinary care they need.
Animals Need
Animal exploitation and lack of
animal rights lead to their suffering.

We are the only animal organization
speaking publicly about
morally consistent animal rights,
non-speciesism, ethical veganism,
and compassion for animals
in Vietnam.
Animals Need
Veterinary Care
In rural communities, stray animal
populations are at risk of preventable
diseases, poisoning, accidents,
starvation, theft, and lack of access
to vet care.

Our mobile vet clinic will provide
free or affordable medical care
to every animal in need.
Donate to our mass sterilization
and vaccination project for
Central Vietnam.

Welcome to Vietnam Animal Aid

We are Vietnam’s only anti-speciesist animal rescue working for animal rights through vegan advocacy, veterinary capacity building and community outreach for animals in need.

We focus on long-term, high-impact work for all species in Vietnam.

Our mission is to end the pain and suffering of all species, through mass sterilization, vaccinations, education, and improving veterinary care across Vietnam. We advocate for a fully vegan lifestyle and the abolition of all animal use and exploitation.
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Help set up our Mobile Veterinary Clinic

We are working to bring quality veterinary care to central Vietnam by opening a new, mixed practice mobile veterinary clinic with international standards running mass sterilization programs.
In this way, we will be working on effective, long-term solutions to preventing animal suffering.


With poor access to veterinary care in most parts of Vietnam and with such low standards of care even in the big cities, a mobile veterinary clinic that is able to reach animals where they are is the only solution.
Our mobile veterinary clinic will be a center for the work that actually prevents the need for the dog/cat meat trade.

Animals Available for Sponsorship

Many of our rescued animals won’t be able to get adopted either due to older age, health issues, or disability. That means we need to be able to cover the costs of their food, shelter, and medical care for the rest of their lives!
You can help them by becoming a monthly sponsor. Meet our animals below!

Keiki is such a sweet kitty and would love a great sponsor to help her with her everyday needs.

Adopt Jackpot | Dog adoption Vietnam Animal Aid and Rescue

Jackpot is such a handsome dog and so intense. He is absolutely full of life and has the most expressive character.


This beautiful shy boy came to our shelter with his brother Palmer and 2 other siblings in 2014.