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Alternative Livelihoods Projects

There are many avenues to creating a world in which animals are no longer used by humans for food, clothing, research, and entertainment, but if we are to be successful in the long term, we need to develop alternative livelihoods for the people who are currently working in industries that harm animals. 

As fishing is the number one killer of animals in the world, we must address the shifting economies of coastal countries such as Vietnam in addition to dietary shifts if we are to make any progress. 

Animal farmers in Vietnam are often smallholder farmers with under 30 animals, and as the rural poor often have few other economic opportunities offered to them, animal production continues to be supported by communities and by the government, but this can change.  

In 2022, we hope to be working on a small scale with investment and training in fishing and farming communities to make the switch to plant-based farming in both the sea and on land.

Vegan Sanctuary Homestay

As we work towards leaving our property of seven years to a larger and more rural sanctuary where the animals will have more space, we would like to develop that space better for more purposes than just the shelter. 

We would use this as our base for the mobile veterinary work where both staff and our equipment will stay when they’re not out on the road. It will also be used for training our vet interns and local government vets. 

While we can use this property for our vegan education programs for children, we are hoping to find a space where we can also house visitors who are looking for a safe space for animals where they can enjoy a quiet holiday at a vegan farmstay. This property isn’t easy to find in Vietnam as getting large pieces of land is not as easy as it is in many other countries, but we are going to try hard to get to the right land and develop that slowly over the coming year. 

Currently, we are restricted with the number of animals we can rescue due to the small size of our property and inability to separate the animals enough. The new property and establishment of our vegan farmstay will enable us to have the proper space and type of land to properly house our farmed animal species giving them the best quality of life!