Who We Are

The Vietnam Animal Aid Team

Our hardworking, ass-kicking team of animal caretakers is primarily based in Hoi An, Vietnam. Some of us also work remotely, traveling around the world helping animals in other capacities.

What makes our team special is that they are full-time caretakers who live on-site with our rescued animals at the shelter and provide them the best possible care 24/7. Most sanctuaries are either not able to afford to hire full-time team members or believe their workers should work for free as volunteers. In our experience, relying on volunteers naturally has some problems.

Volunteers are often short-term, lack relevant experience and training, and are not as dedicated to the cause as full-time employees are. Animal care is skilled labor, and it requires experience in order to be done properly and safely. Backpackers who are traveling around Southeast Asia on their year off from school are not who our animals need to properly take care of them and create a stable environment. That’s why we employ full-time workers for a longer-term period who can be properly trained on animal care, medication administration, and biosecurity protocols, as well as slowly gain the animal’s trust.

Also, rescued animals often suffer from PTSD or other issues related to their abandonment or abuse, and they can become stressed if new people are constantly coming in and out of the shelter. The sanctuary needs to be just that – a sanctuary, a place of peace and safety for the animals. It does not exist for humans, it exists for our rescues well-being and happiness. 

We believe our dedicated animal caretakers deserve to earn a wage for the tireless and important work they do for our animals. Just like if they were taking care of humans, providing medical care for another charity, or working in wildlife conservation. 

People working for a cause to make the world a better place should not have to be poor, homeless, or squeeze their charity work in between their normal 40/hour workweek. That’s why we pay our team members.

Meet The Team