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The Vietnam Animal Aid Farm Sanctuary

Our animal rescue shelter and farm sanctuary is located in Hoi An, Vietnam. We have a microsanctuary-style property for our rescued domestic and farmed animals currently housing around 30 animals across 5 species. The property encompasses a large, secure garden for the dogs, specialized enclosures for the hedgehogs, an indoor/outdoor enclosure for the cats and chickens, and a barn for the two pigs.

We keep our numbers of rescue animals low in order to ensure the animals in our care on our small property will always have the highest quality of life possible and we can have the time, money, and human resources to care for each and every one of them for as long as they are with us.

What sets us apart from many rescues is we refuse to allow our shelter to become a hoarding operation. We have high standards of care for our animals, and we intend to maintain them.

VAAR is unique sanctuary as we are the only vegan animal rights organization in the country, as well as the only farmed animal sanctuary. The oldest pigs and chickens in the country call us home, a place where they can feel safe never to be exploited or commodified.

We believe they are the only rescue farmed animals currently in Vietnam.

We currently are not rescuing any additional animals simply because we do not have the funds to.

Since 2020 when the pandemic began, adoptions have ground to a complete halt, and we had to cease bringing in any new animals to the property. We have continued community outreach work where possible, particularly for easily-fixed cases such as puppies suffering with mange.

Rather than rescuing every animal in need and becoming overcrowded, we intend to shelter as few animals as possible while instead investing all our resources into a mobile veterinary clinic that will prevent the need for animals to be rescued in the first place. 

Not all of our rescues are up for adoption, but we do have some cats, dogs, and hedgehogs looking for the right families. 

Our chickens and pigs are going to forever be sanctuary animals, as well as some of our senior and chronically ill cats and dogs who will stay with us for the rest of their lives.

You can support our animals and our work by sponsoring an animal’s daily care, or by helping us establish our mobile veterinary clinic.


Sponsoring a rescued animal each month ensures they have their basic needs covered every single day.

Donating to our mobile veterinary clinic means you are investing in a future where animals in Central Vietnam can avoid homelessness, starvation, vehicular accidents, and suffering.