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Our Animals

We have a small property for our rescue shelter and farmed animal microsanctuary that houses around 35 animals at any given time in our large, secure garden for the dogs and hedgehogs, an indoor/outdoor cat enclosure for the cats, and a barn for the two pigs.

We keep our numbers of rescues low in order to ensure that the animals in our care on our small property will always have the highest welfare possible and that we can have the time, money, and human and material resources to care for each and every one for as long as they are with us. 

We have no more intake now simply because we are too full and working on moving with as few animals as possible.  We are seeking a larger property outside of the city this Spring to develop for a vegan farmstay and the base for our mobile veterinary work.

Not all of our rescues are up for adoption, but we have cats, dogs, and hedgehogs looking for new families.  Our chickens and pigs are sanctuary animals and some of our older or chronically ill cats and dogs will stay with us their whole lives.