VAAR in the Media

Interviews with VAAR’s founder, Cat Besch

Vietnam Animal Aid’s founder and director, Catherine Besch, has been interviewed in many different forums and formats. With a decade of experience running a rescue animal sanctuary and animal rights organization in Vietnam, Cat has a lot to share about the unique challenges the animals and the organization face in Southeast Asia.

Cat has a B.S. in International Relations, and an M.A in Emergency and Disaster Management, regarding how weather systems are changing entire regions, increasing droughts/floods, reducing snow runoff/permafrost, and totally altering our food system as a result. She also has first-hand experience with and a background in veterinary education, international veterinary clinics, animal rescue, animal sheltering, sterilization/vaccination projects, charity management, human resources in the animal rights sector, abolitionist veganism, non-speciesism, and animal rights.

She is obsessed with food security, vegan fashion, and making all of her travels about the search for the best vegan cheese on the planet, as well as being an avid runner, swimmer, and mountain biker.

Cat is currently accepting interviews, articles, and collaborations, and is currently based in Indochina Time (ICT) UTC+7.

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Listen, watch, and read Cat’s interviews below:

World Vegan Travel

Hoi An, animal rescues, pigs, Minsk motorcycles, kayaking, Vietnamese tailors, the largest cave in the world

With Brighde Reed

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Do Good Feel Good Podcast

Do Good: The DL on Animal Rights with Cat Besch, Founder and CEO, VAAR

With Lauren Cantrell

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Institute of Animal Law Asia

Our founder and director, Cat Besch, speaks about VAAR and the challenges of animal advocacy in Vietnam.

With Zihao Yu

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Earth and Eats

World traveller and blogger meets the rescued animals at Vietnam Animal Aid

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The Hindu

Vietnam Animal Aid and life with rescued pig Master Julian

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Karmimy Psiaki

A Polish article about Vietnam Animal Aid and the history of the shelter

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A Singaporean article about Vietnam Animal Aid and animals in Vietnam

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Institute of Animal Law of Asia

Political, Economic, and Cultural Implications of Marine Animal Protection

With Lu Shegay

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Plant Your Seed Podcast

Catherine Besch: Founder and Director of Vietnam Animal Aid and Rescue

With Fred Ferris

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Notas de Mascotas

Introducing the work of Vietnam Animal Aid

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Vegan Marketing UK

Reflections on Taiwan's dog and cat meat ban

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Bored Panda

Rescued Pig Living The Good Life In Vietnam

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You want to end the dog meat trade? Start by going vegan

Cat Besch on Medium

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The Truth about the Dog Meat Trade: racism, speciesism, and misplaced horror

Cat Besch on Medium

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