Marching Ahead with our International Veterinary Training Center

We are moving forward today and are never looking back again. This is why the clinic is opening this month, come hell or high water:  

We are tired of saying no.  We are tired of feeling helpless. We are tired of being sent case after case after case that we know very well from years of experience and training how to treat with adequate resources, but without them can do nothing at all.  We are tired of relying on people calling themselves vets who are not qualified to run a kennel of stuffed animals, much less diagnose or treat an animal in pain with any basis on modern medical science. We are tired of knowing the solution to ending the population of animals that end up in rescue, yet having no resources to be able to carry it out.  This breaks us daily. 

More than anything we are tired of competing with much more social media friendly, very well-funded organizations that are not offering long term solutions but selling Bandaids to solve bone cancer which the unknowing public buys without question regardless of their lack of understanding of our situation here and the big picture we are working with which is entirely different from their own.  We are tired of listening to people endlessly cry about the horrors of the dog meat trade as if it is the worst thing humanity has ever done while ignoring 2.8 trillion land and sea animals killed every year for human consumption as if dogs are not part of this much bigger problem that animal advocates seem unwilling to confront. Dogs are eaten because foie gras is eaten in France, because horses are eaten in Japan, because lambs are eaten in Australia, and because bacon is worshiped like a god in the US.    

We are simply tired of spending our energy fighting for the obvious solution and not being able to get any traction when we could be tired from long days of the damn hard work of long term solutions that make major impacts on the animals who need us.  We would happily be exhausted if it meant we were getting somewhere. 

But now we can get somewhere.  Now we can make the change that has a lasting effect over the coming decades, not days.  We have found a building which will work for beginning once again to address the detrimental state of the veterinary industry in Vietnam which has been wholly incapable of managing the cases we are bombarded with.  We have found a place where we can work to gather international vets and local recent vet graduates to treat all species on an equal footing and make REAL PROGRESS for animals rather than patch the hole in the Titanic with chewing gum. 

We are ready to sign the lease, but need YOUR help!

Please donate to help us get the $3620 we need before Valentine’s Day to secure the house and sign the lease!

This is no small amount for us, but we must get this immediately. We will not say no again. It’s time to march on.

To donate:


Venmo: VNanimalaid

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Vietnamese donations:
Account name: Tran Tuyet Mai
Account No.: 0400 4638 4034
Bank name: Sacombank- chi nhánh Đà Nẵng.

Thank you!