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Adelle Goodman

Director of Operations
Adelle Goodman, Director of Operations

After traveling Vietnam for 1 year, Adelle joined the organization in May of 2021 Her background is in project management, marketing, and sustainability, but taking care of animals has always been her main passion.

After working with every kind of animal, from sheep, cats, chickens, dogs, and ducks at farm sanctuaries around the US, she realized there’s a dire need for grassroots activism and organizing, and has joined VAAR to step up and take action.

She is passionate about food sovereignty, pollinating insect conservation, anti-speciesism work, and traveling the world. Adelle loves getting involved with the community, education about the animal’s stories, and how we can make the world a better place for both them and ourselves.

In her free time, Adelle loves growing food, hiking, reading, and spending time with the spirited cats at our shelter in Hoi An.