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About Me

This boy is incredibly sweet and just such a good guy.

He has never in his life harmed anyone or not been a great friend to someone.  He and his brother Jack are good friends.  They both came to the shelter as tiny babies with ringworm in 2014 and had quite a rough start, so Palmer can be a bit shy though he does warm up and just loves love.

He has had some kidney problems in 2020, and we have managed to get that sorted out, so he is healthy and just needs to be checked a couple times a year for his blood levels.  He would be happy to stay with his brother Jack if possible.

Want to Adopt me?

All cats adopted within Vietnam must go to indoor homes and only to Hanoi, Saigon, or Da Nang where they have access to international veterinarians. We do not allow adoptions to homes in which cats are able to roam freely outdoors. High walls that cats cannot escape from are a necessity or the owners must have an apartment. The problem of cat theft in Vietnam is very dangerous.

We prefer indoor adoptions as well overseas, though exceptions can be made for farms or quiet suburbs.

A home check is required for both dog and cat adoptions and an application should be filled out and approved by staff prior to bringing your new pet home. All animals at the shelter are already sterilized and vaccinated. Microchipping is available only for our international adoptions.