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About Me

Indie was brought to us in a plastic mesh vegetable bag by one of our volunteers who found him tied inside this bag on the side of the road near the shelter.  He was only 6-7 weeks at the time in 2019, and through the past two years has grown up so much.

He was always a wild climber doing zoomies around the shelter at lightening speed, and one day he injured himself in the process.  He sometimes re-injures this same leg and will always likely have a limp from it, but there isn’t much we can do in Vietnam about it other than isolate him and keep him as still as possible and on NSAIDs when the injury flares up.

Indie has a strong voice and quite a bit to say when he feels like it, but generally is a great guy who would love a home of his own.

Want to Adopt me?

All cats adopted within Vietnam must go to indoor homes and only to Hanoi, Saigon, or Da Nang where they have access to international veterinarians.

We do not allow adoptions to homes in which cats are able to roam freely outdoors. High walls that cats cannot escape from are a necessity or the owners must have an apartment.

The problem of cat theft in Vietnam is very dangerous. We prefer indoor adoptions as well overseas, though exceptions can be made for farms or quiet suburbs.