How Speciesism Has Broken the Animal Rights Movement

These photos were all taken within 30 minutes of each other in Hoi An. Markets, cages, the side of the road- all just within a few kilometres. All blatant abuse. All preventable. All of this is up to you to stop.

Chickens and ducks were stuffed tightly in wire cages waiting to be pulled out by their necks or legs to get their throats slit for someone’s lunch.

Puppies and baby rabbits packed tight in wire cages and terrified, none with water, all picked up by random people to take as pets until their kids think they’re no longer cute enough to care for. Kept in tiny cages, on chains, or left to roam the dangerous streets then abandoned, left for dead, sold to the butcher when their usefulness expires.

Pigs, chickens, and ducks bred and confined, treated as rubbish and murdered just barely out of infancy for a meal no one needs because PLANTS HAVE PROTEIN TOO…

Chickens for sale at the local market

Sea life is ripped from an ocean we pollute and plunder to be made into a dish easily replaced with a thousand better ingredients that don’t suffer and are harvested from industries that don’t destroy fragile marine ecosystems.

This was my morning. If you wonder why I write like this, why our media has been taken over by less jaded people, ask yourself what you see on the way to get coffee and run some errands, because I only see animals suffering, not hidden under plastic and Styrofoam as most people do in the West. When the veil is lifted, you can’t ever put it back. You become the unwilling witness to endless preventable suffering. Nothing I do personally will ever stop this, and when we try to help people make the connection, we get slammed for not caring enough about dog meat or for not taking enough animals in so you can see their magical transformations we cannot even provide now without a vet clinic anyway, a vet clinic we cannot even get the funding for.

Dogs and cats suffer because chickens and ducks suffer and humanity has turned their back on them. Elephants suffer because pigs are considered nothing but bacon by the majority of the human race. Baby bunnies suffer because humanity thinks we have a right to own cute things, as if animals were here solely to entertain us. All suffer because we as a species have decided that “dominion” means abuse the vulnerable rather than protect them. We as a species have failed our non-human brothers and sisters.

Legs of pigs freshly dismembered from the bodies of their owners who all wanted nothing more than to live

If you love animals, stop using them. Stop breeding them. Stop buying them. Stop paying others to exploit them for your entertainment, food, and clothing. Stop buying products that use them as scientific experiments. Animal suffering is all connected and if you harm one you harm them all. End speciesism.

My one wish for my career in animal rights is to one day to stop having to explain to people why harming animals is wrong, regardless of their species. For more information on how the anti-dog meat trade campaigns have made speciesism the baseline for animal advocacy, check out my video on it here and try to ignore the passionate profanity.