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Spring Update: Living with Uncertainty

We are all looking at the inevitable effects of Covid-19 for ourselves, our families, our jobs, and our businesses no matter where we are in the world right now. As we watch the stock markets plummet, the shops closing, schools shutting down for months in many countries, we are also looking at the effects of...

16th March 202016th March 2021In News

Missed our funding target but regrouping and marching on!

Since we did not hit our funding target in order to get the clinic building, we are having to regroup after this incredible disappointment to push forward as quickly as possible after years of struggling to get the care the animals of central Vietnam need.  The building we want has still not been rented luckily,...

9th March 202016th March 2021In News

The Monkey Mommy: from Rescue to the Big Picture

In February, 2012, I moved to Nha Trang, Vietnam and arrived with stars in my eyes.  After a frozen year in Mongolia and a cold journey through South America, I came here with my dog and my cat from the US to start a new life. Vietnam seemed like paradise. I planned on just staying...

21st February 202016th March 2021In News

Marching Ahead with our International Veterinary Training Center

We are moving forward today and are never looking back again. This is why the clinic is opening this month, come hell or high water:   We are tired of saying no.  We are tired of feeling helpless. We are tired of being sent case after case after case that we know very well from...

13th February 202016th March 2021In News

Lessons Learned: Stepping Up After Getting Burned

Opening a new vet clinic nearly 3 years after the failure of our last one is no small feat. For nearly 3 years, I worked my fingers to the bone trying to keep the clinic running on almost no money, with volunteers and even our head vet coming and going with no measure of consistency,...

24th January 202016th March 2021In News

Not Your Average Rescue Shelter

What makes VAAR different from other animal advocacy organizations in Vietnam and globally? For one, we are a non-speciesist organization, meaning we know that ALL species suffer the same and ALL species deserve the same chance at living a long, healthy life.  We know that in terms of numbers of animals suffering, fish actually are...

20th January 202016th March 2021In News

Shelter Staff Salaries are NOT a luxury

We need to talk about staff and why organizations like ours are not capable of running without having full time, year-round, salaried staff, NOT volunteers coming and going. To clarify for those who do not work with animals, these jobs cannot be classified as unskilled labor just because they do not require a degree.  Anyone...

7th January 202016th March 2021In News

Update: Exports, Adoptions, and Closing the Shelter

We are strapped for cash to get the 5 animals out of our shelter ad into the US and we have exactly 2 days to raise this money. Without another $3000 in funds for the flight and all ground transport, we are not going to be able to get these guys to their homes! I...

30th November 201916th March 2021In News

The Invisible Cat Meat Trade

While all focus remains on the dogs in Asia who end up in the dog meat trade, cats in Vietnam suffer the exact same fate as the dogs the media and welfare organizations (non-vegan, of course…) like to promote on their pages.  Cats are trapped, sold, stolen and transported on large trucks on highways and...

29th November 201916th March 2021In News